Harrison, Scott

Harrison, Scott

Figure 8 Environmental

Scott Harrison is CEO of Figure 8 Environmental, a division of Figure 8, Inc. that was spun off from Terra Novo, Inc.  Terra Novo has been in business since 1998 mainly in the environmental sector relating to storm water, erosion and sediment control and the like.  A very small portion of Terra Novo’s revenue stream came in the agriculture field.  However, Scott Harrison the principal and founder of Terra Novo was born and raised in the central valley of California and have many connections in the agriculture field.  Specifically in commercial farming, livestock, and dairy specialties.  He has family and very good friends that own and operate large dairies in the CA central valley. 

Over a decade ago, Scott was approached by multiple dairymen to help with manure handling. Figure 8 was formed so a dedicated company could adequately apply focus to helping the dairy and livestock sector by leveraging their experience in the regulatory world, equipment and chemical manufactures.  In addition to selling the correct equipment for a nutrient recovery and pre-digester condition system, Figure will help find a home for all of the nutrient and large fiber excess from the dairies. 

Scott holds a Bachelor Degree in Biology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is the owner of 4 US Patents for inventions in Erosion and Sediment Control.